Mice in Grandad’s flat

‘Did you get the video I sent you?’

‘So there’s six traps all placed around the flat and there’s a radio/PC thing you plug into the wall so I’ve plugged them all around the house as well.’

‘Grandad won’t care, he’s not bothered. He was like ‘the mice comes out of the fireplace and says good morning to me and then runs off’ and I was like ‘no mate, he doesn’t, you need to get rid of it’

‘But he might get a cat, maybe.’

‘Nan’s computer moved yeah. It was everywhere, in the cupboards. In the cupboards up at the top, like how the hell did they get in there?’

‘No but there was mountains of shit like everywhere, mountains. Nan would be appalled with herself, all behind her computer desk, just pure, just loads.’